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The Mackey Speaks Leadership Journal

May 14, 2020

Celebration is contagious. When we see someone smile or laugh, we want to smile and laugh with them. Complaining is also contagious, though. When we hear someone complain about the weather, it makes us realize it's too hot, too muggy, or too something when moments before we were enjoying a beautiful day. When we hear someone complain about a situation we're coping with well, we suddenly find it harder to cope. 

The words that we use and the things that we do are contagious to others. In this episode, Mackey and Colton challenge us to think about this contagiousness and what we are infecting the people around us with. Are we infecting them with celebration or complaints?

Key Takeaways:
-What we say and do is contagious.
-The work you do matters.
-When you celebrate others, you find even more things to celebrate.


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