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The Mackey Speaks Leadership Journal

Mar 5, 2018

In our latest episode, Mackey talks about a recurring conversation him and Colton have been having month after month.

Back during 2W's inception, Mackey and Colton had some time between meeting with some coaches and athletes from Florence, TX , so they started crunching some numbers. During this time, they had received a bunch of promises that they would receive money, but they physically had no money yet. Afraid of the uncertainty, they began asking themselves the question, "what happens in the worst case scenario? What happens if this doesn't work out?" The more they looked at the numbers, the more they looked at the worst case scenario, the more worried they got.

When they shifted their mindset from what was the worst case scenario to if they simply were to do their job, all of a sudden that weight started to lift, and saw hope. Hope has a way of brining light into the darkness.

The worst case scenario is not the only option. If you take care of business, if you do your job in whatever it may be, it will be okay.