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The Mackey Speaks Leadership Journal

Mar 19, 2018

In our latest episode on Mackey Speaks Leadership Journal, Mackey (@mackeyspeaks) asks the question, how many unfinished things do you have in your life?

There are so many times that we've started things, be it a project you started working on or completing school because it gets hard.

Mackey believes that one of the reasons we do that is because starting is easy and continuing is the hard part. Continuation of moving forward is when things get done.

In the military, often times a unit or a commanding officer will try and throw in the towel. Maybe a mission isn’t working, or he doesn't think he has all the resources.

And more often than not, the message that comes down from the top is simple:

Charlie Mike. Which is code for “Continue Mission.”

We are so quick to give up. On degrees, on projects, on marriages, on books, on starting that business, whatever it is. There are so many things that we’ve started, only to quit when things got tough.

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