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The Mackey Speaks Leadership Journal

Nov 21, 2018

Mackey has been traveling the state of Texas and beyond and is excited to be back in action, bringing you new content every Wednesday.

The 2W team has been busy working away, going left lane, hammer down. We've been working harder than ever before! We're so excited you've come along for the ride and supported us thus far!

In our latest episode, Mackey is live in Goonville, speaking with athletes about the "Goon of the Bible."

Mackey talks about a Goon of the BIble, Naaman and his story being the secret agent to the king.

How often in our lives to we get fired up to do the impossible? Win state. Crush that business deal. Close that sale.

But when it comes to the little things, we set them aside, or move right past them. We don't need to say “yes ma'am” or act with integrity, because we’re focused on the big thing.

But a big thing is nothing but a bunch of little things put together.

We’ve got to be as diligent in the little things as we are in the big things. The little things give us the reps we need to be successful when the big things come.

Naaman was going to miss the blessing of God because he was too prideful to do the little thing. And so often we miss the best of life when we’re too prideful to do the little things.

Don’t let your pride keep you from going all in and giving your best to what you’re doing.

Lastly, we wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Key takeaways from this podcast:

  • Step away from pride and go all in
  • You're not too good for any of the "little things"
  • The little things make the big things happen

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