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The Mackey Speaks Leadership Journal

Apr 9, 2018

In our latest MSLJ episode, Mackey (@mackeyspeaks) is talking about bringing the power of positivity.

Every single one of us are given 1,440 minutes in each day, and we alone have the power to choose whether or not we will spend one of those minutes positively or negatively. We only get to spend those minutes once, but we are the only person who decides how we spend them. We are the most powerful people in our own lives.

When we look for the positive and not for the negative, we will find the positive because what we seek we will find.

"Positive thinking will allow you to do everything better than negative thinking will." Zig Ziglar


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3. April 21st- Mackey will be in Abilene, TX at the Playmakers Difference Conference

4. April 29th- Mackey will be in Houston, TX at Houston's First Baptist Church, preaching at their Loop Campus, at all services.